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Macro it all.

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Name:Anything goes.
Posting Access:All Members
1. All posts must contain an image macro, except when requesting a caption.
2. Cuts are required for large images (more than 700px wide).
3. (NSFW) images must be behind an LJ-cut.
4. Posts cannot have their comments screened or disabled.
8. Douchebaggery is rampant, so put your big boy/girl pants on.
9. No personal promotion of any kind.

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animals, diaf, flaming, for the lulz, funny, goofy, humans, lol, lulz, macro wars, macros, n00bs, omfg, omg, owning someone, pics, pictures, pwn, silly, snark, stfu, stuf_diaf, witty, wtf
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